Threedom Tea Collection

Our Threedom Tea Collection works towards the greater good with components that serve the mind, body & soul. We focus more on active ingredients than flavour to showcase how nature authentically offers us what we need to thrive in our spiritual development.

View our herbal infusions.

The plants we use are internationally grown, locally supplied. We only source natural, organic, and sustainable herbs to provide you with top-quality infusions. For an extra special touch, each of our infusions are made to order, Reiki charged, then blessed to ensure a maximum lifespan and a positive energetic exchange.


I’m Sophia, the créatix behind the Threedom Tea Collection and Twowards Threedom. I’m a Naturopathic Herbal Medicine student, writer and mother. My journey began late 2017 when I developed a chronic pain condition. I started reflecting on how I grew up knowing nothing about nature’s healing ability and felt my soul calling for an integration. 

After doing a lot of work on myself, I wanted to share my knowledge and some of the formulas that have supported me with the hope that one day herbal medicine will be common in all our kitchens.

If you have any questions about the infusions, please drop us an email at

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