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25 Days of Spiritual Alignment Calendar

Reset with our 25 Days of Spiritual Alignment calendar. Each practice is based on the energy of a nature element to help you dive deeper into your soul and connect with the world around you.

Day 1 – Day 6 EARTH. Day 7 – Day 13 AIR. Day 14 – Day 19 WATER. Day 20 – Day 24 FIRE. Day 25 – SOUL REFLECTION

There is no right or wrong way to use the calendar. You can do a different practice for 25 days or incorporate the activities that resonate with you into your daily routine.

For an example of some Earth practices, check out our Youtube videos.

Don’t forget to tag twowardsthreedom on social media if you do use the calendar and use the hashtag #25daysofalignment

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Gratitude Journaling & Solution List

Journaling is a popular and creative way to step into spiritual alignment. Reverse your problems in blessings by trying these two journaling techniques.

Write about what is bothering you in a positive way.

Allow your inner wisdom to provide solutions to your problems.

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