Journaling is medicine too.

I’ve been journaling for close to two decades now. The first half of the decade was for love letters and complaints and in the second, I discovered Gratitude Journaling and Solution Lists.

When I feel mentally blocked or anxious, Gratitude Journaling allows me to focus on my blessings. I use a technique I like to call reverse writing where I write about what is bothering me in a positive way i.e

I’m so annoyed that my dog ate my paperwork -becomes-

I should be more careful about keeping my paperwork around the dog. I’m glad I have an opportunity to produce something even better. p.s I love my dog’s sense of humour.

By the end of it, I’m grinning from ear to ear. My mind is concentrated on love, on laughter and I’m much more at ease.

When I need to root down on the issues a bit faster, I create a Solution List. I draw a line in the middle of my page and on one side I write about what is bothering me honestly and unapologetically. I then pray, breathe deeply, and on the other side, I allow divine guidance to produce the answers. This is known as automatic writing, when we do not think consciously of the answers and instead, allow them to emerge from our subconscious/inner wisdom.

After a session, any feelings of being overwhelmed tend to melt away. I literally have a list of possible solutions to my problems and for anything that is out of my control I’m reminded that ‘this to shall pass.’

Your journal is meant to be for your eyes only unless you choose to share. For this technique to work you should find a quiet, private space and allow yourself to write from a place of openness and vulnerability. If your inner critic becomes too loud then kindly ask it to go away. Your intention is to observe the judgements that are behind your problems and find the light in them.

Download the Gratitude Journaling and Solutions List templates on our resources page.

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