Tree-Hugging for Stress Relief

Nature Element: Earth Day 2/25 Days of Spiritual Alignment

Did you know that tree-hugging is a great way to alleviate stress and to feel more grounded?

With the high levels of anxiety in the world right now, it’s vital to have different tools to help us return to balance and find a sense of calm. I’ve been using the 25 Days of Spiritual Alignment calendar and slowly sharing my journey through these precious steps.

Day 2 of #25DaysOfAlignment continues the theme of utilising the Earth element as a way to bring inner peace and joy into our lives. Tree-hugging is a technique that instantly benefits our mental wellness and is a great tool for spiritual growth. When your mind is clear, it’s a lot easier to hear any divine messages coming through and to act from a space of intuition rather than fear.

Contrary to popular belief, tree-hugging isn’t an act that is reserved for hippies or followers of Friends of the Earth. Nature doesn’t discriminate and cobwebs really aren’t that bad. If you haven’t already, give it a try and comment below on how it made you feel.

“I have a tree that I spend a lot of time with… The next time someone asks for advice on how to deal with stress, I’ll just say ‘Hug a tree.’ ― Sophia Myambala, Twowards Threedom

Check out the latest YouTube video to find out when I fell in love with hugging trees.

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