Connecting with Nature for Spiritual Alignment

Spiritual alignment is a lifelong journey that requires daily effort. Thankfully, when you set the intention to be mindful and act for development, God, the ancestors and your spirit guides listen and offer tools to help you stay on path.

You know when you’re out of alignment because it is visible in everything that you do. It feels like something is always going ‘wrong’. You get frustrated easily and keep attracting people and situations that do not fill you with joy. You experience physical symptoms such as headaches, prolonged muscle tension, and fatigue. You feel disconnected from your intuition and can’t discern between the yes and no of the body and the heart. We all have these moments, no matter where we are on our spiritual journey. The truth lies in how quickly we return to a state of alignment.

The nature elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air have long been a teacher to our ancestors and are utilised by all people on the planet. Conversing with the elements or experiencing them in stillness, is a way to realign the mind, body & soul with a higher vibration. The elements can help you to; 

  • feel at peace
  • believe in yourself
  • enhance creativity and sensuality
  • attract lessons for your spiritual evolution
  • receive and give from a flow of abundance
  • become compassionate and loving towards others
  • strengthen your intuition and support decision making

Here are some practices to help you connect to the unique energy of each nature element at any time of the year.

Earthing/Barefoot walking. Tree hugging. Burying crystals. Planting trees, fruits that favour the PH of the soil. Eating from the Earth. Ancestor reverence.

Singing. Qi Gong and other energy practices. Breathing techniques. Creative expression. Prayer. Silent Meditation. Dowsing.

Working with oils. Sacred baths. Tea rituals. Holy water offerings. Swimming in the sea. Yoga practice.

Smudging. Ecstatic dance. Burning written intentions and releases. Tarot and oracle readings. Physical Intimacy.

Comment below on how you work with nature to stay in alignment.

Harmony & Love, always x

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