Questions I Get Asked The Most

Hello lovely,

I was so nervous and emotional when recording the first video but I followed my instinct and continued. The feedback has been positive, and has opened up the doors for conversations One doesn’t often have about how our childhood influences us today.

YouTube was not around for the first part of my life and didn’t blow up until years later. I could not go online and relate to someone’s experience which fosters the feeling of being alone, on top of being estranged.

As the ideas for the project expands, so does my desire to impact others with it. I know there are children out there who don’t know many adults on the other side. As common as foster care is in the UK we gloss over it like an old taboo. I still meet people today who disapprove of foster children and wouldn’t want them around their biological children, as if you can paint all beings with one brush.

I pray that this series will be a consolation for the child facing that stigma. Yes, it sucks but you make it out alive and life isn’t so bad. I pray that teachers, carers, friends, children’s services officers and authority alike may find value in the content to come whether that is by the end of this year or in five years. I’m new to this, nevertheless, I aim to make something timeless.

Introducing the next video to you. It was so fun to make and mostly light-hearted. It goes a bit deeper than the first video because I respond to what you wanted to know. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to get notified when I post the next video.

Enjoy 🤍

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