Future Memories


She said…

Do you remember me?  I remember you.  Those days we spent waltzing in the rain talking for hours.  Wading half-naked in puddles and playing with flowers.  Parting bramble brushes to reach the fields where isolation was serenity; Where you’d lay next to me, as we’d stare at the stars, Envisioning ourselves on the planes and searching for Mars.  Pointing out the constellations in the moonlight. A quick kiss, and an “I love you”, then we’d part ways for the night.

You and I taking a moment to breathe in the divine. From nature, to the animals and all elements alike.  “We are all One”, you said,  And I believed you.  We reached a point so High In The Sky that we discovered Gods were people too.  You were my first love, my true love, the only one.  No-one after you could spark the essence of my higher power, Or watch over me as I praised the Moon and the Sun.  You asked for my heart, I placed it in your hand, You cradled me with safety. I gifted you with my metaphysical self, So you promised to love me for eternity.  You showed me the way, read me the truth, Always guiding me towards the light.  The sky looked bluer, the grass was greener,  Everything in our atmosphere was just right. 

I can recall the time silver linings came into play. There was a surge of pure energy within me. We astrally levitated in a parallel dimension,  It was the day I gained my faith in spirituality.  From the mysterious Midnight to the glorious Sunshine, Your alias always changes.  However we are one, and you are me, So we shall never be strangers.  I just lost myself in the mental shackles of mortals, Joining the line at the back of the assembly. Where I was taught to stop the inner examination of oneself,  Because the only thing that was “real” was this warped reality.  I didn’t mean to stop believing, stop practicing and having hope. I hallucinated you abandoning me when I wasn’t ready, When in actuality you’ve never left me alone… 

I miss you… Your confidence, your authority, your knowledge on most things philosophical.  The way you strived to be the best, The way your smile could put any mind to rest, The way you embodied the right balance of emotional and logical. For a while I felt misunderstood and deemed myself as a misfit.  But now I’ve found you again, I’ve lost my fear of being different. Let us go back to the days where we would we’d read 250 pages. Our only illumination being the street lamp outside. The days when technology took a backseat to creating lyrics and tales, Until dawn said good morning to life.

We should make a list of our reveries, and tick them off one by one.  I want to roll around in a meadow of daisies with you, Doesn’t that sound fun? Just as we pictured, with me in a floral white dress. Where we’re minuscule, pebble dash away, From the apple orchard stretched across the acres.  The rock-climbing, the mountain biking, the camping by the cove.  The tree-house in the forest, the hills of the Himalayas,  It’s our destiny to travel the globe. I know we’ll produce kids representing many nations, And be philanthropic enough to give back without hesitation. Can we once again rid ourselves of an attachment to material possessions? We won’t yearn for much or depend on humanity. “The Universe always provides”, will be chanted automatically.  You will be last love, my true love, the only one, Because only you can ignite my internal chi power.  The respect I have for you is second to none.  I vow to make tomorrow better than today.  Our lifetime of contentedness has only just begun.

Video credit: Vimeo

Photo credit: unknown. If you know who the artist is, please tell me.

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