I’m Hurting Inside.

I fear nothing in the Now, yet my heart is heavy with what could be. As I lay awake; Distracted, wounded, I know my fate will remain uncertain. I age further, yet slipping slowly back on the evolutionary chain. Am I hopeless again? Will I be homeless? Do I deserve this? What is more deserving than a lesson in being earnest? To lose it all so you can appreciate all you have. To fall so you can rise knowing you worked hard. I’m not a lost soul, a lost cause. I’m not extremely burdened at all. There’s just an invisible fight between having faith in the universe and feeling it all. I can feel everything whilst feeling nothing. I can detach for which I am lucky. So thank you for the sorrow I refuse to consume, Thank you for the strength that is getting me through. Thank you for the reminder that above all I am Woman, and thank you for convincing me that I am still human.

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