Daisy Blooming In The Winter.

A single daisy covered in frost.

She was impatient.

The little daisy surrounded by frost on a winter’s afternoon, at first, peering for her siblings said “There is a little bit of Sun. Join me brothers and sisters to enjoy this light.” The little daisy was met with silence. It was then that she remembered that daisies don’t bloom in the winter. When the first throws of cold had emerged and the others had started to hibernate, she had wanted to stay so she could greet Father Sun whenever they rose.

A wise flower popped up and gifted her. “Be patient my love. This is not Father Sun at their full strength. This is not the field when we are fueled with love and light. Sleep soundly with us so that we can return in the warmer season bigger and brighter for the world!” The little daisy would have laughed at these words before, but in her loneliness, watching the wise flower go back to rest, she understood them.

“Be patient,” she repeated to herself. “Be patient.” And in sync with her last word, the little daisy went to sleep. The last wild flower blooming in the winter.

Photo credit: Silvermoonswan

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