Inner Motivation


Can admit that I’m more excited about and conscious of this new year than I have been for previous ones! After such a challenging 2019, I finally build the courage to change my mindset to that of growth. I have let go of the fear of the unknown to open myself up to great things to come.

Butterfly Oracle Cards for Life Changes by Doreen Virtue

Yesterday, I was compelled to do a quick card reading and pulled from my Butterfly Oracle deck. This is where I met Motivation. I thought ‘Wow. Yes, I’m motivated and moving into this year with intention.’ However, when I read the definition of the card, I was instantly offended. It insinuated that my interests are distracting me from my responsibilities and boy, this couldn’t have been more correct!

During a meditation in late October, I had made a promise to my younger self to write about my traumas, what inspires me, and to share poetry from the soul. Since November I’ve looked up creative writing courses, started recording storytelling audios, written in my journal every day, signed up for healing workshops and coaching. I did what I thought was enough but the reason for all these things (to write on this blog) was what I was actively avoiding.

I’m grateful to have pulled this hard-hitting card as a reminder of the vow I had made and since we’re all in this together I have a request. Did you make a list of New Year’s Resolutions? If so, look at them and ask yourself “What is the drive behind all my goals for 2020?” How can I also make sure that my attention doesn’t get taken away from my true intention?

Sending you love & blessings always 🌹

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